Monday, June 4, 2018

REVIEW: Super 110° + Macro Lens Wide Angle Lens Kit with Clip

Super 110° + Macro Lens Wide Angle Lens Kit with Clip
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I was so excited when I first opened my Super 110°+ Macro Lens Wide Angle Lens that I couldn't wait to try it out! First I want to show you everything this amazing product up close and what it looks like. You can use the Macro Lens with iPhone or Samsung smartphones. It comes with its own carrying pouch, lens cap, user manual, retail gift box and cleaning cloth cause trust me when I say you really want to keep this professional gem in great condition.

As you can see it has a professional lens and it is by far 
own lens cap that actually
stays on the lens and doesn't fall off. 

The clip is strong and once it is clipped to your phone it isn't going to go sliding around or
come off. This Macro Lens is made of strong hard plastic.

I truly love the design of this Super 110° + Macro Lens Wide Angle Lens!
This is the first one I've ever tried or owned for that matter. I'm very happy with material as it's not made with cheap grade plastic.
Now for the awesome photos I captured while using it!

My son has quite a collection of gems and minerals and so I thought these would be perfect to demonstrate the magnifying capabilities of the Super 110° + Macro Lens Wide Angle Lens 

I love that I see so much detail!

Here is a photo of a piece of lava rock.

The photo below is Tourmaline without the Macro Lens

Below is a photo of Tourmaline in quartz matrix using the Macro Lens

So much detail that is missed by the naked eye.

Below I had a computer card that I always wanted to get a closer image of.

It actually picked up on a piece of lint that I couldn't see with the naked eye.
Below is what it would look like without the Super 110° + Macro Lens Wide Angle Lens.
My phone just couldn't focus on the card.

Below is my fingerprint that I captured using the 
Super 110° + Macro Lens Wide Angle Lens

  • 15mm Wide-Angle +10X Macro Lens Performance: Low distortion; No vignette; High sharpness
  •  Lens Focal length: 15mm Equivalent focal length 
  • Field of View: Around 115 degree 
  • Mega: 0.45X 
  • Coating: Multi-layer coating 
  • Lens Structure: 4 Elements 4 Groups 
  • Lens Diameter: 33mm-Wide Angle/29mm-Macro 
  • Compatible With: iPhone, Samsung almost 99% Smartphones.

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