Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Teach The Kids To Fish This Summer 🎣

Let me start by saying I LOVE FISHING! πŸŽ£
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Ever since my dad took me on my first fishing trip when I was 8 yrs. old I was "hooked". Being outdoors, in nature, the birds singing, and the fresh air. I have very fond memories of the places we'd go. From the Torpedo Wharf in San Francisco to the California mountains. I was born and raised in California so there were plenty of different types of fishing from deep sea, reservoirs, lakes, streams, delta, and bay fishing. Now I live in the mid-west where there are lots of lakes.
Here I am back in the day with a small bass that I caught at Shawnee Mission Park in Kansas

I have fished for flounder, striped bass, largemouth bass and about everything in between 🐟. My favorite fish to fish for is trout, rainbow trout to be precise.

       My dad was an avid fisherman and loved the sport.

Before I was able to fish I'd sneak into his tackle box and look at all the pretty lures...boy would I get into trouble!
I've been very fortunate and blessed with my husband also very fond of fishing. I did, however, teach him a few tips and tricks that my dad taught me. 

 Now I have a grandson that I'm passing the love of the sport, hobby and past time onto. Here is my grandson going fishing for the first time with his dad. 

I see so much of me in him when it comes to patience or the lack thereof. I see the excitement in his eyes when we finally get to the water's edge and he gazes down at the crystal green/blue water and spots a minnow swimming by. I bend down and tell him "that's bait". Oh, the look he shot back at me in shock!

 I assured him that we weren't going to be using minnows today but slimy WORMS!!

By the way, this spot that is pictured above is located in Missouri called Lake JACOMO or JACOMO Lake.

There are a few things that fishing teaches kids and some adults for that matter.

  • PATIENCE- Some kids don't come by patience all that easy. It has to be taught. From getting the worm on the hook the proper way so it doesn't come off to waiting for that first bite on the line. "Good things come to those who wait" and "Patience is a virtue" are the words I can still hear my dad say to me. For my grandson, it was as soon as he cast his line in the water he'd want to reel it back in. That won't catch the fish as they have to "sniff" it out first. You might get lucky enough when you happen to reel your line in to catch a hungry fish and hook him. That's always a bonus!
  • NATURE- I haven't come across a kid yet that doesn't like being out in nature. The fresh air alone is a type of high of endorphins. The Vitamin D from the sun is great but make sure you have plenty of sunscreen as one can easily get burned and not feel it till once out of the sun. Also, you might want to carry insect repellent to keep those pesky critters too small for bait away. Be aware of your surroundings!! I can't express enough how many times I've come across a slithering water snake or rattler along the trail or even just be sitting on a boat dock, like the one pictured above and have it come within a few feet of me. This is the perfect time to teach your kids about nature! 

  • THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB- This means start off with a kid's fishing pole and a kid's tackle box full of less expensive lures. We started my grandson off with the red and white bobbers and one of my old poles. He'll be getting his own fishing pole for his birthday next month..Shhhhh! πŸ€«Teach them to use the right size hook for the fish they are fishing for. The Online Fisherman is a great site that will show you the different type hooks. The right bait to use for the fish they are wanting to catch. Field And Stream is a great place to go for beginners to show you what bait to use as there are so many. 

  • KNOW HOW TO READ A MAP- Don't rely on GPS. GO OLD SCHOOL! A map, whether it be of the park you are going to fish or a roadmap, teach them how to read the map. When was the last time you turned off your GPS and read one just for kicks and giggles? Compass Dude can show you if you don't know how. 

  • ALWAYS BE PREPARED- What's the weather going to be like where you are going? How should they dress? What are they going to bring for food? Have them carry a backpack or tote just for fishing purposes. This IS NOT for fishing tackle or fish. This is for lunch, snacks, maps(?), fishing reading material, insect repellent, sunscreen, maybe extra clothing just in case. How about a radio? Get one of those disposable cameras that they can take their own photos with. And always... 

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