Monday, May 14, 2018

Review: Tankless Water Heater By Rinnai- The Hot Way To Heat Water

My Review Of Rinnai Hot Water Heater

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When my husband and I purchased our 1928 2-story Tudor home back in 2009 we knew we needed to save money for updates and needed repairs. We had just moved from a 3 bedroom apartment in Kansas to a 5 bedroom home in Kansas City, Missouri. When I first walked in for the viewing of the home I fell in love. Sure it had some "character" but what made me fall in love was the old creaky floors. Wait, are floors suppose to creek?? To me, it felt like home! My husband just looked at me like, "You have no idea what you're getting us into". He fell in love with it as well when he saw the beautiful old red-brick fireplace. I can't describe the house except that for us older generation it's like stepping back in time. A time where everything was real! The floors were made of actual wood, the wall made of plaster, not sheetrock. The sinks are porcelain, not stainless steel. The glass in the kitchen window pane had a ripple effect common of old windows back in the day. If these walls could talk! 
Anyways, back to saving money. The first thing we wanted to do was start saving money as this old home was going to have some updates done to help save money without taking away the rustic charm our home had.
We started researching tankless water heaters as we had heard that they ONLY heat up the water that's being used not re-heating the water in the conventional tank water heater over and over again.
If you're ever in your basement and hear your water heater shutting off and on and no one is using hot water then you know it's either using unnecessary electricity or natural gas. It's heating up water you're not using. Can you imagine how much money and electricity/gas is being wasted when you're not home for a week or so while you're on vacation?
So we decided to invest in a tankless water heater which cost around $2,000 to purchase and have it installed. 
The whole installation took maybe 4 hrs. for Anthony Plumbing Heating and Cooling
to finish the installation. I love these guys! Very professional and as you can see in the photos they know their business. These photos have been recently taken and the tankless is almost 10 years old now. I love how everything is labeled not just color coded. 
Everything you need to know about the Rinnai Tankless Water Heater 
is right on the side of the tank.
Here are more examples of Input, Gas Pressure, Thermal Efficiency, Emissions, etc.

More important WARNINGS and SAFETY of using and operating the tankless water heater.

If you know someone who is a certified plumber and can install one of the gems then I highly suggest purchasing one like this from Amazon. 

There is only one down-side that we've come to work around and that is 2 or more appliances cannot be running at the same time that requires hot water. Meaning, if you're taking a hot shower and running the dishwasher or washer your shower might not have the same water pressure as it would without running multiple hot water items at the same time. Only run one hot water appliance at a time.
Other than that we love our Rinnai Tankless Hotwater Heater!!
Plus, it saves lots of room in your basement as it's installed off the floor out of the way.

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