Wednesday, May 2, 2018

REVIEW: Kong Tugga Wubba Dog Rope Toy

Kong Tugga Wubba Dog Rope Toy

If you have a dog you have to have dog toys. Whether it be stuffed dog toys, hard rubber toys, or rope toys such as the one my Maury has here. Depending on the size of dog you have the toy should be for that size dog. It goes without saying, you wouldn't buy a Teacup Chihuahua a rope toy like this unless it's one of those pint-sized ones who think they are Rottweilers.

It's hard finding the right dog toy that can withstand strong canine teeth. We've bought so many dog toys over the years that we would spend gobs of money on just to have it ripped to shreds in a matter of hours. Like I mentioned before, you want to buy a toy that "fits" the dog. Maury has all but devoured stuffed cute stuffed toys and even those strong animal shaped nylon toys. I don't care what the material is made out of if it's stuffed he will find a way to the stuffing..HaHa!

The Tugga Wubba Dog Rope Toy lasts longer than any other toy we've bought for him and is made of durable ballistic nylon material. The straps at the end remind me of fire hose material which he seems to favor chewing on the most.  This is the perfect interactive toy by far to play with your dog with. Very strong! Kong is known for being the creators of some of the strongest dog toys available in my opinion. Now I'm not saying the Kong Tugga Wubba will last forever but for $6.89 you can bet you will get your money's worth out of this toy.

Yes, I believe we are very happy customers of the Kong Tugga Wubba Dog Rop Toy!
You can purchase your pup his own Tugga in the link provided below.

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Kong Tugga Wubba Dog Rope Toy


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